10 Christmas decorations to try this season, from trees to mantels

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — From trimming the tree to adorning the mantel, when it comes to creating winter cheer, there’s no wrong way to decorate for the holidays. Still, a sprinkle of festive inspiration from a professional designer can add extra joy in your home.

Louisville designer Mark Eliason, owner of Mark Eliason Interiors, shared the best and easiest ways to update traditional holiday trimmings.

“Your home should feel unique and special during this time of the year,” the 30 year design veteran said.

Whether you want to start from scratch or add to items you already own, here are tips from a pro to add twinkle and pizzazz in your holiday home. 

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What’s the best way to wrap Christmas lights around your tree?

Use about 100 bulbs for every 2 feet of your Christmas tree. So for a 6-foot tree, you’d need 300 bulbs. Use the plug as the starting point, wrapping the lights around your Christmas tree’s trunk, working your way up from the center of the base of your tree.

It's a white Christmas in Ridgeland, Miss., during the city tree lighting ceremony Thursday, Dec. 2, 2021. Snowflakes from snow machines floated down as carolers sang, children got their photos with Santa and people felt spirit of the season

Continue wrapping the lights evenly around the branches nearest to the trunk, and then weave them upward from the middle of the crown. When you get to the top, start weaving the lights back down.

Tree looking naked?

“You can’t go wrong with lots and lots of lights,” the designer said. “If your tree is sparse and you want to add fullness, tree picks or floral sprays are decorated branches of twigs, berries, decorative balls, or leaves you can place into empty spaces.”

Sprays are a subtle accent that not only adds dimension to your Christmas tree but also adds a splash of color and texture. If you buy too many, they are great to add to wreaths and garlands.

A rainbow of color is popular for Christmas decorating in 2022. Dillard's Home Store Mall St Matthews

What are the Christmas tree decoration color trends for 2022?

This is a year to think outside the traditional red, green, and white Christmas color palate, Eliason said.

“Think bright and happy. It’s a great season for those who just love to embrace color. It’s a whole new level of color this year,” Eliason said.

Emerald green and gold is a trending color combination for holiday decorating in 2022. Dillard's Home Store Mall St. Matthews

This vibrant trend is a rainbow of hues like hot pink, lime green, aquamarine blue, sunshine yellow, and bright purple. These festive colors will really pop on any Christmas tree but especially artificial trees in white and pink. Also trending is an emerald and gold color combination and a rich blue and gold combination.

A hot trending color that looks amazing when combined with blush pink, blue-grey, or gold is sage.

 “It’s a beautiful color that is more muted than the traditional green and will give your decor a fresh stamp,” Eliason said.

Adding sage accents to a rich green tree brings out another color dimension and a modern touch. Wispy gold sprays are the perfect pairing with sage ornaments to add a pinch of festive glitter.

Paring the colors sage and gold is a top decorating trend for Christmas 2022. Dillard's Home Store Mall St. Matthews

Christmas decorations ideas for retro, vintage ornaments

Magical prisms of sky blue, bright pink, cherry apple red, and silver are back in vogue and as breakable as ever.

Suddenly back in style and back on the shelves are Mr. Christmas products, which come in assorted sizes. 

Bright and shiny, retro ornaments are a hot trend for the holidays in 2022. Dillard's Homestore Mall St. Matthews

Velvet ornaments and Christmas figurines

Luxury fabrics are in style this year. From velvet ornaments, reindeer figurines, and ribbons, this soft accent is an easy addition to your existing decor. Velvet will add texture and elegance to any holiday look, Eliason said.

Lush velvet is a top trend for Christmas decor in 2022. Dillard's Home Store Mall St. Matthews

Rose gold, silver, brass Christmas decorations

For his own tree, Eliason chooses metallic ornaments and ribbons in shades of rose gold, gun metal, pewter, onyx, and brass. These new metallic colors help to add more depth to decor when you add them to your already existing gold and silver.

Be sure to use multiple shades of metallic if you want to create a look of elegance, richness, and sparkle.

A combination of metallic hues is an elegant trend in 2022 holiday décor.  Dillard's Home Store Mall St. Matthews

Neutral Christmas decorations

While many enjoy the dazzle of the holidays, others prefer a clean, uncluttered look. If that’s your vibe, you’ll have plenty to choose from on store shelves this year. Eliason is seeing a lot of wood tones, muted colors, and concrete with design textures.

“Neutral doesn’t mean boring, it is a very sophisticated look,” he said. “The ornaments are muted but textured and may look like glazed concrete but are as light as a feather.”

Neutrals with texture is a popular holiday 2022 trend. Dillard's Home Store Mall St. Matthews

Snow villages, another popular holiday decorating trend, have also adopted a new monochromatic look this holiday season.

Christmas tabletop decorations

A fresh take on holiday figurines is a distinctively Scandinavian feel this year. These are simple glass cone-shaped trees and they come in various colors and sizes and finishes. Place a few together as a centerpiece on the table, a bookshelf or a coffee table for an uncluttered yet festive holiday vibe.

Simple and elegant figurines inspired by Scandinavian design are poplar for the 2022 Christmas holidays.  Dillard's Home Store Mall St. Matthews.

What about jingle bells?

Silver Christmas bells traditionally used as ornaments on trees and wreaths and nestled into garlands will make an appearance in a more organic brass cowbell shape.

Whether oversize or miniature, sleek or rustic, collections of like items such as bells or gnomes, or reindeer look best when clumped together. The effect is more textured and robust visually than placing individual items in different areas of the home.

Setting a beautiful dining table is a popular trend during the holidays.  These items are available at Dillard's Home Store Mall St. Matthews

What if holiday trends don’t match your style? 

Not every Christmas trend will appeal to your holiday senses. Remember that the most special aspects of the holidays are the traditions and memories you’ve collected throughout a lifetime. Family ornaments, favorite color themes, and treasured mementos are what make the holidays a time of joyous reflection.

“Whatever your style, you get to choose what style fits you and your family,” said Eliason. “Make it feel like Christmas and the joy that the holiday season brings.”

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