Leftover turkey makes great chicken tortilla soup. Here’s a recipe

Plenty of work goes into preparing the Thanksgiving turkey, so it’s no surprise we want to gobble up every last tasty bit. Conventional recipes for leftover turkey are okay, but in my opinion, they’re overplayed. Turkey tetrazzini is great, but the cream-based casserole is heavy, which is not a characteristic we often crave after a day of feasting. Paninis, sandwiches and turkey salads make great use of what you have on hand, but don’t stray far from the flavor profiles you’ve already enjoyed. So this year, think outside the “turkey leftover” box.

In just minutes, you can transform Thanksgiving turkey into a tortilla soup that’s savory, satiny, can be made mild or spicy, and is totally different.

This soup features a chili and cumin broth, tomatoes, sweet corn, black beans, jalapeños and cilantro. It’s commonly made with chicken, but slow roasted turkey works great. Just before serving, top the flavorful broth with crunchy tortilla strips and set up a  toppings station with things like avocado, cotija cheese, green onions and sour cream so everyone can customize their bowl.

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