Lindsay Lohan’s Falling for Christmas on Netflix is cute. Amnesia isn’t

Lindsay Lohan plays a spoiled hotel heiress with amnesia after a ski accident and Chord Overstreet is the kind lodge owner who takes care of her in the Netflix holiday romance "Falling for Christmas."

Bumped your head and now can’t remember who you are? Don’t worry, a handsome stranger will sweep you off your feet and you’ll be happier than ever before! Well, according to movies, at least. 

In Netflix’s new holiday rom-com “Falling for Christmas,” Lindsay Lohan plays main character Sierra, a spoiled hotel heiress who experiences a bout of amnesia after a skiing accident.

The film is jam-packed with holiday spirit, and it’s exciting to see Lohan make her cutesy Christmas comeback, but brain injuries aren’t magical, and experts say when TV and movies use amnesia as a plot, it can give viewers an inaccurate understanding of what happens when someone endures head trauma.

“Falling for Christmas” is far from the first film to use amnesia as a storyline. In 2012, Rachel McAdams loses a chunk of her memory after a car crash in “The Vow.” In 1987 and 2018’s remake of “Overboard,” a fall from a boat results in amnesia and related antics. 

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