When day is it? Do people actually celebrate?

The holiday season is fast approaching and while you may be preparing for whatever major celebrations you typically observe, there is one holiday you might have forgotten. Festivus — a celebration “for the rest of us” — arrives each year on Dec. 23, marking a major day for “Seinfeld” devotees. 

The holiday, introduced during season 9 of the popular ’90s sitcom by Frank Costanza, is an alternative to all the commercialism oft associated with Christmas, providing an opportunity instead to be bitter, and un-celebratory.

Costanza, played by the late Jerry Stiller punctuates the Festivus episode, entitled “The Strike,” with his classic animated rants and unfiltered commentary. To this day fans of the series mark the holiday by tweeting out memes or celebrating on their own, honoring comical traditions like the airing of grievances and the Festivus pole. 

Discover all the details of the holiday below.  

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